How to Create 10 Outfits for Travel Using 8 Pieces

Whether you’re traveling for the week, weekend, or packing for a sabbatical, selecting clothing for a trip can easily feel overwhelming. You know you won’t want to drag multiple suitcases around the airport just for clothing, yet you aren’t sure how to create multiple outfits with the few pieces you’d like to bring with you!

If you’re looking to pack lightly or create a travel capsule for your next trip, the formula I teach in the below video, “How to Create 10 Outfits for Travel Using 8 Pieces” will give you an easy framework to use anytime you pack for travel. Whether you’re 20, 50, or 100 years old, you can pack lightly using this formula AND enjoy your brightest and most colorful pieces!

Simply click on the below image to watch today’s video and learn how YOU can pack a fun capsule for your next trip…

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How to Handle Your Changing Shape and Weight Gain During Pregnancy

“Wow, you look so pregnant!”

“Thank you! Yeah, the bump is pretty hard to hide these days.”

My reaction just a few short months ago may have been very different, but I found myself accepting “you’re so pregnant” as a compliment after two very kind, well-meaning women said the exact same thing to me just this past Saturday at the beginning of 34 weeks.

I honestly never knew how I’d feel about gaining weight, growing a big ol’ bump, and seeing my body shape change until I started experiencing it almost 8 months ago. It’s crazy to me how pregnancy can draw upon so many emotions all at the same time. I’ve felt pride for growing a healthy baby, insecurity over whether I’ve gained the right amount of weight at the right time, panic at how I’ll ever be able to lose all the weight and feel like me again, and excited anticipation to meet the little person I’ve been sharing this body with over the last several months. It’s a crazy whirlwind, and I was encouraged to hear myself saying “thank you” last Saturday after working at changing my mindset around weight gain during the course of my pregnancy. The freedom I’ve found from insecurity around my body shape before I got pregnant has also played a huge role in my accepting my changing shape over the past 8 months!

As I reflected upon the journey of growing a tiny human and how it’s caused me to view myself and my appearance differently, I realized there’s 5 tools I’ve used to hold a healthy attitude towards weight gain during pregnancy…

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Create Endless Outfits in Your Closet with THIS Trick

It happens to all of us. Before you know it, Monday hits and it’s time to figure out what to wear to work. Again. You hit the snooze button for an extra ten (ok twenty) minutes and won’t have time to get creative in your closet. In just five minutes flat, you need to think of a fun, interesting, and DYNAMIC outfit to wear to impress your superior in the high-level meeting you’re attending and client appointments you have throughout the day.

But how the heck will you come up with an interesting outfit before your first cup of coffee? When you’ve barely had a chance to wake up? When your face is still puffy from sleeping?

Watch the video below to learn one of my FAVORITE ways to outfit my Style Shop Denver clients’ wardrobes when I go to their home for a Closet Shop session. This unexpected way of pairing pieces together will give you a fresh dose of creativity, an outfitting HACK to use again and again in your closet, and a dynamic way to create new outfits with pieces you already own! Watch the video below and don’t forget to comment with ONE new outfit idea you have in YOUR closet.

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Five Ways to Style Your Ankle Booties

You’ve seen them everywhere. Booties in colors, patterns, and neutrals ranging from a short heel to a tall heel. You’ve been curious about how to style a bootie, WHAT bootie is most versatile, and whether to invest in multiple pairs. You’ve noticed the classic knee-high boot is taking a back seat to this peppy style, and you’re curious what pants to wear with a bootie when you’ve grabbed your knee-highs as a go-to for so many years!

Well never fear, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! In this video, I’ll show you five different ways to style your ankle booties, including the MOST flattering style in an ankle boot! I’ll show you five outfits with booties for both work and casual, and if you’re petite or pear shaped, you’ll learn what style bootie I recommend to elongate your legs!

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5 Shoes to Wear with an Ankle Pant

So many of my Style Shop Denver clients LOVE the idea of an ankle pant, but they have no idea what shoes to wear to pull off this style in a pant. It’s easier to dismiss the style for a tried-and-true full-length pant instead, but if you’ve followed the Style Shop blog for any length of time, you know just how often I recommend ankle pants to my personal styling clients! Watch the video below as part of my “Simplify Your Style” video blog series to learn what FIVE shoe styles you can wear with an ankle pant for all 4 seasons out of the year. Whether it's a heel or flat, you'll have several ideas for shoes to keep you comfortable no matter the season!

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When to Start Transitioning to a Maternity Wardrobe (and the Story of My 1st Trimester!)

The night I found out I was pregnant was the same night I dressed up as Sandra Dee for a friend’s Halloween party. I had absolutely no suspicion except for some tenderness in my chest I’d felt for several days in a row the week prior. When we got home from the party, Nick crashed on the bed and I grabbed a pregnancy test. What? Positive, really?? I wasn’t sure what to think. It was after midnight and I was preoccupied with thoughts of work while in the middle of a big launch for my online style course. I laid awake for a few minutes in bed but soon fell asleep.

The next day it started to sink in…

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How to Find the Right Length in an Ankle Pant

Many of my Style Shop Denver clients are intimidated by the ankle pant trend because it reminds them of their high water pants from years past, and they’d rather be caught DEAD than try to pull off that look again if it’s totally not a thing. I’ve worked with MORE clients to transition from bootcut slacks to ankle pants for work, and many denim styles are now available in an ankle length only. So what’s the big fuss?? Ankle pants are flattering, functional, AND easier to find in the stores than ever, and it’s important to understand how to pick out the right length in an ankle pant without confusing the length with a capri pant OR full-length pant. Watch the video below to learn how to measure to find the right length in an ankle pant, including the shortest length I recommend AND the longest length I recommend in an ankle style!

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How to Flatter Your Figure Using a Front-Tuck

One of the BIGGEST misconceptions my personal styling clients believe about their body is they need to hide areas they don't love with oversized clothing. For many women, this includes the tummy area, and I've been overjoyed to watch client after client learn how to accentuate their waistline in a flattering way no MATTER their body type (or whether they have a tummy!). I created a video with FOUR ways to accentuate the waistline, beginning with the popular front-tuck so YOU can utilize this powerful tool in flattering your figure. Below the video, you’ll find a transcript with a number by each section so you can easily navigate to the part of the video you want to refer back to.

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Four Holiday Styles You Can Wear All Winter Long

It happens every year. The rich holiday colors, luxurious fabrics, gowns covered in sequined embellishment, and sparkling separates hit the stores in all their glory. It couldn’t be more tempting to pick up another big, cozy red sweater, sparkling cocktail dress, or velveteen sheath as you daydream about the stunning entrance you’ll make to your company holiday party or downtown outing with friends.

Then you realize your holiday party lineup consists more of ugly sweater parties, business casual functions, and intimate family get-togethers. Perhaps it doesn’t actually make sense to buy that gorgeous cocktail dress for just one party, so what should you look for instead?

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Six Ways to Style a Vest

It’s that time of year when layering is a necessity, and for the longest time, I thought vests were so impractical. Why would someone layer with a vest when it only covered half of their upper body? 

Now after 6+ years living in Denver as a personal stylist, I’m a firm believer in a stylish OR functional vest as go-to’s in the fall and winter months. I picked up my first puffer vest this past spring, and though it still feels rather sporty for my personal style, it’s an option I love styling.

In this article, I’m sharing 6 ways to style a vest. You’ll find both my olive green cargo vest and navy puffer vest included in the examples below…

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