Five Ways to Style Your Ankle Booties

You’ve seen them everywhere. Booties in colors, patterns, and neutrals ranging from a short heel to a tall heel. You’ve been curious about how to style a bootie, WHAT bootie is most versatile, and whether to invest in multiple pairs. You’ve noticed the classic knee-high boot is taking a back seat to this peppy style, and you’re curious what pants to wear with a bootie when you’ve grabbed your knee-highs as a go-to for so many years!

Well never fear, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! In this video, I’ll show you five different ways to style your ankle booties, including the MOST flattering style in an ankle boot! I’ll show you five outfits with booties for both work and casual, and if you’re petite or pear shaped, you’ll learn what style bootie I recommend to elongate your legs!

[00:03] Hello and WELCOME to the "Simplify Your Style" video blog series where we go over super straightforward things you can do to create a flattering and functional wardrobe. I'm your virtual stylist, Sandi Mele, and today we're talking about five ways to wear a bootie. You've probably heard of booties - they're shortened boots that don't go up to your knee or above your knee. They sit right at your ankle or below your ankle, and I want to show you the most versatile type of bootie and five ways to wear a bootie!

[00:40] Right now I have on an ankle bootie, and this shoe goes up a little higher on my ankle. I've found this to be a really versatile style for a bootie for a variety of reasons. My favorite reason is because it sits higher up on my ankle and draws the eye to the narrowest part of my leg. Most people don't put on a ton of weight in their ankle; it might show up elsewhere in their legs like it does with me. So when I wear a bootie that hits a little higher up on my ankle, it draws the eye to the narrowest part of my leg and makes my legs look really long and lean. Because of that, I find myself wearing this style in a bootie a lot!

[01:40] With that said, the first way you can style a bootie is with an ankle pant. With this particular ankle pant and bootie, the ankle pant covers the top of the bootie. You can't see the top of the bootie, and it works great in the fall and winter because I can wear socks that don't show underneath my pants and stay warm. This is the first way to wear a bootie - with an ankle pant!

[02:03] The second way you can wear a bootie is with an ankle jean. I wanted to show you how to wear a bootie with an ankle pant, as in an ankle work pant or something a little dressier, as well as an ankle jean. Again, with this particular bootie and this particular jean, the jean covers the top of the bootie so you don't see where the bootie ends on my leg. I could easily wear this ankle jean with a bootie that sits lower on my ankle as well. This is the second way to wear a bootie!

[02:40] Okay, so I'm back with the third way to wear a bootie! This pant is a longer ankle pant that I've rolled up. You can also do this with a boyfriend jean or any other pant that you want to roll up. This is the classic way to wear a jean and a bootie - by rolling up the jean and traditionally showing a little skin between the jean and the bootie. Because this particular bootie sits higher on my ankle, you won't see any skin, but you can still see the style of it. This is another way to mix things up with a jean. I don't currently own a pair of bootcut or straight-leg jeans, but by all means, wear your booties with your bootcut or straight-leg jeans as well! That totally works. This is the third way to style a bootie - roll up your jean with the bootie!

[03:38] I'm back with the fourth way to wear a bootie - with a legging! This is one of my favorite ways to style a bootie because you can dress up a legging with a bootie and walk out the door looking super pulled together. Here's how it looks with a legging. I believe a big reason my legs look longer and leaner is because your eye is drawn to the top of the bootie where the color changes between the bootie and the legging! This emphasizes the narrowest part of my leg, causing my legs to look long and lean. This is the fourth way to wear a bootie - with a legging!

[04:22] Whew! That outfit change took a sec. I'm back with the fifth and final way to wear a bootie! The fifth way to style a bootie is with a dress or skirt. What I normally recommend for wearing a dress or skirt in the fall and winter (with tights or leggings) is to go with a length in a dress or skirt that hits above the knee. That way, we still see enough of your leg to keep the length in your leg! Here's what it looks like. This length is probably the shortest I'd feel comfortable with, but because I'm a pear or triangle shape and typically put on weight in my legs, I work really hard to make my legs look long. The shorter length in the dress gives my legs quite a bit of length! And with the trick of the bootie hitting higher up on my ankle, it helps my legs look longer and leaner than if I were to wear a really long dress with a bootie that hits at a different spot on my ankle.

[05:29] I hope this was helpful and you learned a couple new ways to style a bootie! Whether it's a legging, a dress or skirt, or a jean, I'd love to see your ideas! Make sure to tag @thestyleshopbysandi on Instagram so I can see what you've put together. I'll see you in the next video!