How to Flatter Your Figure Using a Front-Tuck

One of the BIGGEST misconceptions my personal styling clients believe about their body is they need to hide areas they don't love with oversized clothing. For many women, this includes the tummy area, and I've been overjoyed to watch client after client learn how to accentuate their waistline in a flattering way no MATTER their body type (or whether they have a tummy!). I created a video with FOUR ways to accentuate the waistline, beginning with the popular front-tuck so YOU can utilize this powerful tool in flattering your figure. Below the video, you’ll find a transcript with a number by each section so you can easily navigate to the part of the video you want to refer back to.

[00:00] Hello and welcome to this video on how to do a front tuck and three of my other go-to ways to accentuate the waistline! Starting with the front tuck, what you want to do is tuck in your shirt in the front as though you were going to tuck it in the whole way around. So the whole front of the shirt. Then the trick with the front tuck is to keep the area of the shirt right above the pant button smooth. You'll want to keep JUST that area smooth before pulling out the shirt on either side of the pant button. You definitely don't want to pull out the shirt in a way that hangs OVER the pant button; at that point, it's really not serving the same purpose as a front tuck. Keep the area right above the pant button smooth and then pull out the material on either side of that smooth area.

[00:59] Another way I love to accentuate the waistline is to do a side tuck. It's exactly how it sounds - you'll literally tuck in the shirt at the side and keep it smooth right where you tuck it in before pulling out the material on either side of the smooth area.

[01:26] A third way I like to accentuate the waistline is doing a knot at the waist, and this works best with a high-waisted skirt or pant. The other two ways (the front tuck and the side tuck) you can style with a low or mid rise pant, but the knot (unless you want to show some midriff) works best with a high-rise skirt or pant. You can wear the knot in the back or right in the front, but I think it's cutest when styled at the side.

[02:00] The last way I like to accentuate the waistline (which by the way is a style I just learned that I think is really cool!) is to do a sort of gathered look with your shirt. All you'll need is a ponytail holder! Make a circular shape with your thumb and index finger and lay your hand beneath your shirt. With your other hand, stuff your shirt into the circular shape so some of the shirt material hangs inside the circle. Then use your ponytail holder to tie the small amount of material beneath your shirt. The tie beneath your shirt will create a gathered effect at the waist. Because one side of the shirt will sit higher, this creates an asymmetrical look with the shirt. With this style, we'll see your waistline a whole lot better than if you were to just wear your tee over your pants.

[02:39] No matter your shape or size, you always want to be thinking about ways to accentuate your waistline! I'm not talking about accentuating your belly if you feel like you have a little extra going on in that area. Even with a belly you want to disguise, you STILL want to think about accentuating your waistline, which is the most feminine area of your body. Accentuating your waistline will create proportion overall. You can do this with a top that's fitted (rather than clingy or form-fitting) OR you can utilize the four ways of tucking in your shirt or creating a knot or gathered effect with your shirt from this video. I hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video!