How to Find the Right Length in an Ankle Pant

Many of my Style Shop Denver clients are intimidated by the ankle pant trend because it reminds them of their high water pants from years past, and they’d rather be caught DEAD than try to pull off that look again if it’s totally not a thing. I’ve worked with MORE clients to transition from bootcut slacks to ankle pants for work, and many denim styles are now available in an ankle length only. So what’s the big fuss?? Ankle pants are flattering, functional, AND easier to find in the stores than ever, and it’s important to understand how to pick out the right length in an ankle pant without confusing the length with a capri pant OR full-length pant. Watch the video below to learn how to measure to find the right length in an ankle pant, including the shortest length I recommend AND the longest length I recommend in an ankle style!

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