How to Handle Your Changing Shape and Weight Gain During Pregnancy

“Wow, you look so pregnant!”

“Thank you! Yeah, the bump is pretty hard to hide these days.”

My reaction just a few short months ago may have been very different, but I found myself accepting “you’re so pregnant” as a compliment after two very kind, well-meaning women said the exact same thing to me just this past Saturday at the beginning of 34 weeks.

I honestly never knew how I’d feel about gaining weight, growing a big ol’ bump, and seeing my body shape change until I started experiencing it almost 8 months ago. It’s crazy to me how pregnancy can draw upon so many emotions all at the same time. I’ve felt pride for growing a healthy baby, insecurity over whether I’ve gained the right amount of weight at the right time, panic at how I’ll ever be able to lose all the weight and feel like me again, and excited anticipation to meet the little person I’ve been sharing this body with over the last several months. It’s a crazy whirlwind, and I was encouraged to hear myself saying “thank you” last Saturday after working at changing my mindset around weight gain during the course of my pregnancy. The freedom I’ve found from insecurity around my body shape before I got pregnant has also played a huge role in my accepting my changing shape over the past 8 months!

As I reflected upon the journey of growing a tiny human and how it’s caused me to view myself and my appearance differently, I realized there’s 5 tools I’ve used to hold a healthy attitude towards weight gain during pregnancy…

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