How to Create 10 Outfits for Travel Using 8 Pieces

Whether you’re traveling for the week, weekend, or packing for a sabbatical, selecting clothing for a trip can easily feel overwhelming. You know you won’t want to drag multiple suitcases around the airport just for clothing, yet you aren’t sure how to create multiple outfits with the few pieces you’d like to bring with you!

If you’re looking to pack lightly or create a travel capsule for your next trip, the formula I teach in the below video, “How to Create 10 Outfits for Travel Using 8 Pieces” will give you an easy framework to use anytime you pack for travel. Whether you’re 20, 50, or 100 years old, you can pack lightly using this formula AND enjoy your brightest and most colorful pieces!

Simply click on the below image to watch today’s video and learn how YOU can pack a fun capsule for your next trip…

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