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Simplify Your Style.



It sets the stage for your day and plays a role in the first impression you leave on any new acquaintance. It affects your confidence and your ability to do your best work.


But right now, you’re seriously struggling with your wardrobe!
When you open your closet door, you see piles and racks full of lackluster items that no longer excite you. You’re overwhelmed by the options, yet you feel like you actually don’t have anything you love wearing!

You're reading up on style articles, following bloggers on Instagram, scanning the latest copy of InStyle, and perusing Pinterest to get the know-how you crave. You're doing your best to keep up with the latest trends but don't want to show up looking like you tried too hard. And some of these trends are so unflattering. How are you seriously supposed to wear those things with a straight face?! You’ve even started avoiding social events because you have nothing to wear.

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- You have a wardrobe with 5 go-to outfits you feel incredible in for any kind of networking event, happy hour meet-up, or fun date night.

- You walk into a clutter-free closet and easily select 1 of 10 blouses you LOVE to wear out with friends.

- Your routine every morning is effortless and you have leisurely space to prepare yourself for your day.

- Instead of feeling frazzled and frantic, you start your work day polished, on-point, and pulled-together.

- You feel lovely in anything you choose from your closet.



You're ready to feel BEAUTIFUL again in a wardrobe that frees you to be YOURSELF.




Hey! I’m Sandi Mele, and I understand the struggle to find a signature style that reflects your personality AND makes you look and feel like a million bucks.

You see, I didn't start out stylish. I was actually a bit of a fashion disaster in high school when I was homeschooled and in college when I studied musical theatre. I even had a panel of judges at my voice recital critique my outfit one time (!!!). They told me the style of dress I had chosen was negatively impacting my posture and, consequently, the quality of my voice. Talk about embarrassing!

My negative view of my own unique body shape goes even further back. When I was in high school, an older guy told me I had a big butt. Perhaps for a guy, it's a compliment to tell a girl she's got curves (major curves, apparently), but for me, it changed the way I viewed my body forever. I started imagining my body in crazy proportions - itty bitty on top and gargantuan on the bottom. For years, I let some guy’s critique determine a part of my own self-worth.

Fast forward to today and just recently, I ripped a pair of designer jeans I was trying on in Nordstrom. Yup, they ripped just as I was pulling them up over my big booty! It would make total sense for me to feel validated in the view I'd been holding of myself for years. But let me tell you, I experienced ZERO shame as I took the broken pair of jeans to the sales associate and laughed it off!

How did I get to this point? Years of learning how to dress and embrace my body shape. As it turns out, I'm not the only one with a booty in the world. And with the right clothing and the right perspective, I've turned the story around.


Now I'm finally free to feel BEAUTIFUL in my skin. And I want that for you, too!

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A signature online course and coaching experience designed for women who are ready to simplify their style and feel fabulously free!

I created this course after discovering just how many women struggle with the view they hold of their bodies AND feel crazy overwhelmed by all the conflicting style advice available.


This signature program is your opportunity to simplify your style and lay a foundation for a beautiful wardrobe for years to come!

You're ready to find FREEDOM in a style that allows you to spend less time stressing over outfits and MORE time enjoying the people you care about most.



Simplified Style is your one-stop shop to a flattering and functional wardrobe.




- You’ll receive Five Full Modules to take your style from frazzled to focused.

- Each Module includes three video tutorials + three useful worksheets.

- Print the worksheets out or complete them virtually with editable PDF's.

- Each video is bite-sized so you can grab the information you need and go!

- You’ll gain access to a private Facebook group and sisterhood who understand your specific style struggles (we’re all in this together).

- Get lifetime access to the content so you can revisit and re-learn these timeless concepts again and again!



Check out how Simplified Style helped Tiffany get out of her “style crisis.”

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“Sandi's Simplified Style course is more than just ‘styling yourself.’ It changes the ‘what’ or ‘whys’ of outfitting your wardrobe into ‘hows.’

Before starting the course, I felt like I was in a style crisis. I had a few go-to outfits, but being in my thirties, I was ready to find style(s) that really defined me.

Since completing Simplified Style, I've learned a lot about how to view my body. how to put outfits together that make me feel good, and how to take something inspirational from Pinterest, magazines, or people in my life and make it my own.

For example, I may see an outfit that looks stunning on a 5'10" model on Pinterest but being shorter, it might not look great on me. However, taking my knowledge from Simplified Style, I can pull elements from the outfit and build a look that fits my body and makes me happy.

More importantly, Simplified Style teaches you how to start inwardly and work your way to your outer appearance so you can feel confident, sassy, or whatever you seek.

If you're ready for any kind of outfitting, wardrobe, or style help, I whole-heartedly encourage you to take Simplified Style.”

Tiffany Chin
Age 31
Marketing and Communications Manager for Your Castle Real Estate


What will YOUR life look like after Simplified Style?


- The confidence to ask for that badly-needed raise, and a new look that shows you’re serious about your career.

- A structured way of approaching your wardrobe and WAY less money spent on frazzled, frantic last-minute trips to the mall.

- An ongoing relationship with your wardrobe where you continually update your style, rotate pieces in and out, and keep your closet clean and clutter-free.

- A new view of your outward appearance and an ability to feel consistently beautiful around your husband or significant other.

- A freedom to show up as your very best self and feel included in your stylish group of friends, mom groups, and business masterminds.

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Curious about exactly how this course can transform your style?
Here's your module-by-module breakdown:


Module 1 - The Closet Clean-Out

- Learn how to clean out your closet QUICKLY with my simple 3-step process.

- Clear out the clutter and create a wardrobe full of only pieces you love.

- Find the gaps in your wardrobe and put together a detailed list of items needed during your next shopping trip.


Module 2 - Discover Your Unique Style

- Identify your personal style with this ONE powerful tool.

- Create a personal brand that sends the right message about you to the people around you.

- Learn to support your lifestyle with a functional wardrobe.


Module 3 - Embrace Your Body Type

- Change your perspective about your body and approach your shape differently with these 3 transformational truths.

- Gain clarity around your specific body shape.

- Learn 3 concrete ways to flatter your figure, no matter your size.


Module 4 - Outfit Your Wardrobe

- Discover endless options for outfitting your wardrobe with my 10 Outfit Formulas.

- Identify the HOW behind creating a stylish outfit and personalize each formula to your unique style.

- Print my Outfitting Cheat Sheet to hang in your closet and use for years to come.


Module 5 - Fill in the Gaps

- Get specific with your gaps list and learn how to make your next shopping trip easy breezy.

- Choose between in-person and online shopping with my shopping style assessment tool.

- Use my Shopping Trip Checklist to ensure your trip to the mall is efficient and fun.


And there you have it... a simplified, stylish wardrobe can be yours, too!


Life’s way too short  (and you’ve got way too many important things to do!) to feel stuck and uninspired by your wardrobe. Make this change NOW so you can focus on the things you care about most - a fulfilling career, thriving marriage, and close relationship with your kids.

In Simplified Style, you’ll learn how to use your clothing as a tool and discover how your wardrobe can open the doors of possibility for you, before you ever even say a word!

Let's make sure your wardrobe is sending all the right messages.


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My client Ellen now feels empowered to outfit her wardrobe in new and interesting ways, with a wardrobe that represents her true essence.

I feel empowered as a result of this course. Empowered because I know what styles, colors, and cuts look best on my body. Empowered because I have a plan to wear what is already in my closet in new and interesting ways and empowered to get rid of clothes that take up space because they don’t work for me! Empowered to make my clothing budget stretch farther. Empowered because my outfits are now interesting and say positive things about me as a person while representing my essence.

Ellen Thorp
Age 45
Wife, Mom, and Principal Consultant for Meridian Consulting, LLC


Kasey learned how to use clothing to bridge the gap between who she is and who she wants to be after thinking the course was a "silly luxury".

I learned so much about who I am as a person, who I want to be, and how to use clothing to help bridge that gap. It seemed like a silly luxury to take this course but now I see it as the valuable treasure that it is!”

Kasey Van Egmond
Age 28
Stay at Home Dog Mom

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Natalie feels free to be herself and confident in her skin, right after going through a divorce.

“I had the most incredible experience with Sandi and her online style course. I'm a recently divorced Wedding Photographer in my 30’s. The timing of this course has been perfect, as it has coincided with my rediscovering the woman I know I was created to be. Between the closet clean-out and the intentional Pinterest boarding, I came to realize that I wasn't dressing at all in a way that expressed who I wanted to be. The course made me start to think about how the way I dressed changed not only how I felt, but how other people perceive me. I want to present myself in a way that is true to who I am, and who I am striving to become. My closet was full of things that didn't fit me anymore, or didn't fit my style. Cleaning it out was so liberating!

After I completed the course I had a clear list of items I was missing from my wardrobe, including shoes and accessories, and I was able to shop intentionally to fill in those gaps. Now I look forward to putting together new outfits, rather than changing clothes 5 times before I leave the house and feeling frustrated with how I look. I am so thankful for Sandi and her incredibly insightful guidance. With her help, I finally look the way that I feel inside... feminine, confident, and ready to slay this next season of my life!“

Natalie Rockwell
Age 30
Wedding and Portrait Photographer for
Natalie Lynn Photography


Are you ready to experience the same freedom and FUN in your own wardrobe?

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Don’t worry - I love a bargain!


That’s why I’ve made this program available to you for only $497, or 3 simple payments of $174. And your easy-breezy enrollment includes ALL of this awesome style support:


5 Cut-to-the-Core Modules
With the BEST of what I know as a personal stylist so you can implement what you're learning, and fast (each module takes, on average, 2 quick hours to work through after you clean out your closet in Module 1!).

15 No-fuss, concise videos with specific steps for you to implement.
Each video includes step-by-step instructions and examples so you can fully understand the material in each module.

15 Beautiful, stylishly transformative worksheets.
Each worksheet includes a ton of pictures and examples with easy-to-fill-out prompts so you can learn how to apply what you're learning in your own wardrobe!

2 Bonus Printables
Including a printable to make your closet clean-out super straightforward, plus an Outfitting Cheat Sheet to use as a guide every morning you get dressed!



But wait . . . because I’m betting that if you’re still reading this page, you’re longing for a more personalized approach.

You know you're ready for a wardrobe overhaul, feel lost in your style identity, and need to seriously start over in your closet.


I got you! Join the program at the VIP level, and I’ll become your very own personal stylist throughout your time in Simplified Style!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.59.42 PM.png

As a VIP Member, in addition to all the detailed style guidance available in the online course, you’ll also receive concierge-level treatment:

  • An expert eye on your worksheets and ideas to help you further pinpoint your style and outfit your wardrobe; I will personally review each and every homework assignment you submit and give you direct styling advice.

  • Answers to all your style questions over a 2-month period as you work your way through the course.

  • A 30-minute phone call to help you feel crazy confident about your Shopping Trip and a personalized plan so you can find the best pieces for your style and budget.

  • The very best value for the time you invest in Simplified Style.



You can enroll as a VIP for only $997, or 3 simple installments of only $349!

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Got a question? Here's my answers to your frequently asked Q's:



This course is called Simplified Style for a reason. I cut through all the style and fashion noise to get to the heart of what you NEED to know about style. On average, each module takes 2 hours or less to complete, and you can work through each video and worksheet on your own time, around your unique schedule, and from the comfort of your own home! You have lifetime access to the course, and although I recommend you go through the course within 2 months to get the results you're looking for, you have complete flexibility and mobile access to watch the videos anywhere you want!


Investing in your style might feel like a luxury, and I totally get it. When I started out as a stylist, I had to figure out my WHY pretty quickly in order to feel as passionate as I do about style today. I quickly realized that getting dressed is something I do every single day, and the time I spend figuring out what to wear and shopping for clothing could be cut in half with the right knowledge around my body shape and personal style. So let me ask you, what is your time worth? What is an effortless morning vs. a frazzled morning worth to you? How will your relationships improve and your view of yourself change when you take the time to educate yourself on your personal style?


No ma’am! One of my favorite parts about the course is educating you on how to use the clothing already in your closet. You’ll see your clothing in a whole new light as you outfit your wardrobe in Module 4, and as you understand what gaps you have in your closet, you can come up with a plan to strategically fill in the gaps on a timeline that works for you and your budget.. You can also use what you learn in the course to shop for clothing at whatEVER price point feels best to you!


I sure do! As you know, I didn't start out stylish and needed someone to walk me through the same principles I teach inside this course. I have a certification in Image Consulting and studied style under Reachel Bagley with Cardigan Empire and Michelle Liberman with The Shopping Friend. I've successfully styled over 100 in-person clients and have over 40 5-star reviews as proof this process WORKS!


Yes, ma'am! I offer refunds to anyone who completes the first two modules and doesn't feel the course is the right fit. I'll ask to see your worksheets before giving you the refund to ensure you understand how to work your way through the content! The refund timeline is within 30 days of your purchase date.


I won't leave you hanging! Feel free to send me an email at and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours with a reply.

Invest in Simplified Style today and gain the style foundation you'll use for years to come.



A letter from Sandi

If you're anything like my personal styling clients, you understand that creating a stylish wardrobe takes time, strategy, and careful planning.

Who really has the bandwidth for all that?? Isn't it easiest to just grab the comfiest thing and GO?

I'm here to introduce a new way to approach style. I was the farthest thing from stylish before I learned the strategies I teach inside this course, and if I can learn how to do it, I know you can too.

Perhaps your lifeless wardrobe is actually damaging the way you relate to yourself as a woman.

Yes, I'm talking to you - mother of 4 with a wardrobe full of maternity wear that no longer fits.

The college student who longs to feel confident and creative in your clothing, rather than small and shabby.

The middle-aged wife who can't remember what it's like to feel beautiful and attractive to your husband.

The working woman who feels stuck with clothing that doesn’t support your travel needs, let alone deliver the message that you’ve accomplished big things in your career. 

I got you. And I've worked with dozens of women in your shoes. You're not alone, and together we can turn this thing around. If you're ready to experience ease in a wardrobe that's well-organized, joy in clothing that feels like YOU, and excitement when you wear an outfit that fits and flatters you just right, this course is for you. Yes, YOU can learn the secrets behind a stylish wardrobe. And simplify your life in the process.

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