Denver Image Consultant


All my services are customized to meet your individual needs and goals, with a basic framework included below.
All services are charged at $75/hour and include a 100% money back guarantee.

Closet Cleaning

DO YOU feel frazzled whenever you step foot inside your wardrobe, wondering if that skinny jean actually flatters you and whether you should get rid of that awkward blazer for good? Gain a fresh perspective with a Closet Cleaning and invite me over for a 3 hour session of purging, re-purposing, and strategically selecting which pieces best deserve the precious real estate space inside your closet. (Travel fee for over 25 miles not included).


Shopping Session

DO YOU waste time staring into your closet every morning only to pull out the same outfit you wore last week...and the week before? Or do you find walking into a department store overwhelming and stressful? Bring life back into your wardrobe with outfits hand-selected for your specific age, body type, lifestyle, and budget. I’ll pull pieces based on a collaborative questionnaire and Pinterest board and create a store list specifically for you. Simply show up to dressing room full of pre-assembled outfits and enjoy a versatile new wardrobe with my specialty, creating more outfits out of the same 10-15 pieces of clothing! A 3-4 hour session is recommended and a two-hour session is minimum (pricing below doesn't include pre-shopping fee of $49).


Closet Shop

DO YOU own piles and piles of clothing but feel like you have nothing to wear? Create more mileage in your wardrobe with a Closet Shop and hire me to creatively assemble outfits with pieces you already own. Invite me over for a 2-3 hour session and enjoy a Google Drive or Dropbox album full of outfit images following the session. You can also purchase the popular physical lookbook of outfit images for $75. (Travel fee for over 25 miles not included)


Style Shop Bundle

DO YOU dream of wearing clothing that reflects your personality and need help with a wardrobe re-vamp? Or do you fit into a new size of clothing and need help strategically building a wardrobe from the ground up? Take advantage of my best-selling service, a bundled Closet Cleaning, Shopping Session, and follow-up Closet Shop, with a total of 10 hours included for the high-value price of only $549 (a $100 discount!). Enjoy a 3-hour closet cleaning, 3 hours of shopping (2 hours of pre-shopping included), and a 2-hour follow up session with images of each new outfit you can refer to again and again. To see more details of what each service includes, click here. (Travel fee for over 25 miles not included).


The Style Shop by Sandi Mele Virtual Services Denver

ARE YOU interested in working with me remotely? Take advantage of my expertise from the comfort of your own home. Each session will take place over Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts and include detailed notes for you to reference as we go along! Click here for a breakdown and price list for each service offered.