Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Janet Cook


Age: 63
Profession: Interventional Memographer
Services Booked: Closet Shop, Fall/Winter Shopping Session, Spring/Summer Shopping Session

I have always had a problem shopping for my own clothing.  When I go into a department store, I literally start to sweat. I found Sandi Mele, and what a God-send! She put together outfits with clothing I already owned using pieces I previously had no idea would pair together.  Then she pre-shopped for outfits given my style and size. Sandi is style-smart and always aware of my budget.  I feel blessed to have found her! She is so very talented and cares deeply for her clients.

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Julie Haney


Age: 44
Profession: Stay-at-Home Mom and Educator
Service Booked: Shopping Session

When I first met with Sandi, she was very easy to get to know, and I felt like she really listened to my needs. I asked her to help me find 6-8 outfits to update my closet with pieces that were flattering to my body type. Now, this is the amazing part...she pre-shopped for me, and I had so many great options to choose from! She helped me get basics as well as fun pieces to add to my closet. Sandi was also very good at making sure everything fit properly. She made shopping fun, and I wish I could take her shopping with me every time! We came up with way more outfits than I ever could have imagined just by mixing and matching the items I purchased, all while staying within my budget.

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Natalie Van Note


Age: 47
Profession: Divorce & Family Mediator, Child Family Investigator, & Licensed Professional Counselor
Service Booked: Closet Shop, Shopping Session, Virtual Shopping Session

Working with Sandi Mele was a wonderful experience. I didn’t know how to put outfits together and needed someone to match my clothing to my personality. That’s where Sandi stepped in.  She overhauled my closet and made beautiful ensembles that truly reflect who I really am. Sandi made me feel like a princess in my clothes and encouraged me to step out in style. Sandi is truly a gifted consultant and stylist. I recommend her to anyone wanting to have a truly ‘wearable wardrobe!’  Thank you for bringing out the real me.

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Beverly Rizzolo


Age: 51
Profession: Environmental Quality Specialist
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle

Sandi is a fun person and knowledgeable in her field. She has a great eye for style and was quickly able to understand my needs, encouraging me to try new yet age-appropriate looks. Her prices are a great value for the personalized service she provides. I plan to use her services again in the fall...if not sooner!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Carly Godzdanker


Age: 30
Profession: Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle

I hate shopping, but I love looking cute. Knowing this, my husband bought me the best gift ever for my 30th birthday - time with Sandi. She was so easy to work with before, during, and after our sessions. She is professional, adaptable, and skilled. Most importantly, she was incredibly respectful of my style and budget. I would recommend Sandi to anyone!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Isabella Rivera-Quiambao


Age: 38
Profession: Flight Attendant
Service Booked: Shopping Session

I never considered having a wardrobe consultant. It sounded like something only movie stars or the ultra rich could afford, but I was pleased to find out that this was not the case at all. Sandi made it possible for an average gal like me to have her very own stylist!

Sandi had the ability to pick out outfits that not only suited by body, but my personality as well. A total game changer! I was reminded that my identity is in Christ, which is a beautiful thing. Beauty draws people in, so why not share it! I highly recommend giving Sandi a call. It’s not about vanity, it’s about discovery!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Lauren Dowds


Age: 24
Profession: Early Learning Center Director
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle

When I asked Sandi for help, I was in a weird transitional phase from college student to director of a childcare center. Sandi first came to my house for a closet shop session where she showed me how to use items already in my wardrobe to suit my new profession. We then went shopping and she arrived at stores ahead of time, picking out a handful of great looks for me. Several I would never have picked for myself, yet she understood my job, my budget, and my personality, and rolled it into one great wardrobe for me. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing a stylist!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Mandy Huizar


Age: 27
Profession: 1st Grade Teacher
Service Booked: Closet Shop

I hired Sandi for a closet shop in order to create new outfits with clothing already in my closet. I had a full closet, but I woke up every morning feeling like I had nothing to wear. Sandi was able to create over 50 new outfits with things I already owned! She showed me new color combinations I had never thought to try. She also taught me about different ways to mix and match patterns- something that normally intimidated me. When Sandi left that afternoon, I felt inspired by the outfits she created and excited to try them out!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Darice Johnston


Age: 43
Profession: Efficiency Trainer & Executive Coach
Service Booked: StyleSetGo Shopping Spree Winner (Shopping Session)

My experience with Sandi was amazing! With all my heart I want to thank Sandi for quite literally changing my life. As I first stepped into the clothing Sandi selected for me, I was so apprehensive. But by the time we were complete with the process of selecting my new collection of outfits, I was amazed at HOW I FELT! The mirror wasn’t revealing a brand new me, it was revealing the inner me, reflected back perfectly in the outer expression of my clothing. Sandi did SUCH a beautiful job capturing my essence, and the clothing and accessories I never would have selected for myself turned out to be a perfect fit to express who I am. Sandi’s expertise and guidance opened my eyes to understand that how I had been projecting myself outwardly wasn’t a reflection of my true inner essence. I am now attracting new people, new opportunities, and I feel like “the world is my oyster.” The cherry on top is that I’m having FUN with my wardrobe and my new understanding of how to work with color and texture, dressing myself beautifully! Thank you so much!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Lauren Minard


Age: 28
Profession: Loan Originator
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle

Sandi was incredibly helpful and took the time to listen and figure out exactly what I needed to clean out my closet and update my wardrobe. I now have a better understanding of how to mix and match all my clothes so I have more options instead of feeling like I never have anything to wear. I highly recommend hiring Sandi to help you make that much needed update to your wardrobe.

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Jackie Shives


Age: 23
Profession: Student at Denver Seminary & Nanny
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle

Sandi is an amazing woman! She was professional, energetic, thoughtful, and really helped me with my wardrobe. What impressed me most about Sandi was how strategic she was in picking out pieces that would pair well together, giving me the most value for my money. She also pushed me to try new things, and now I have pieces in my closet I never would have tried before, but love! She truly went above and beyond in her consulting services.

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Kayla Draper


Age: 26
Profession: Accountant
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle


Sandi and I went shopping for work clothing, which is a task I usually dread for weeks. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find outfits, but Sandi made it effortless. We found outfits that not only looked great but that I enjoyed wearing and felt beautiful in. She found outfits for me I never would have paired together myself and paired them in a way that utilized each piece of clothing in multiple outfits! I can easily say this is the easiest and most efficient way to shop. She does an excellent job, and with minimal effort on my part, I walked away feeling and looking like a rock star. If all of that was not enough, we had a ton of fun joking around and laughing while we shopped. I plan on using her again for my summer wardrobe and cannot say enough nice things about the help she provided.

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Jacke Vendetti


Age: 41
Profession: Marketing Consultant
Service Booked: Shopping Session


Sandi is amazing at styling and shopping. I highly recommend her. She found several outfits for me (and I am sooo picky) in just 2 hours. That’s amazing. I can’t wait to hire Sandi again. She made the whole process so easy and fun!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Shannon Callis


Age: 38
Profession: Escrow Officer
Service Booked: The Style Shop Bundle

Sandi was very prepared and knowledgeable and helped me make good use of the items already in my closet, while helping me think “outside” the style box. She made me feel comfortable and helped me realize I don’t need an entire new wardrobe. I can work with pieces I already have and add new items here and there that are the right fit for my body type. I feel like I have the tools now to get out of my fashion rut!

Denver Wardrobe Consultant for Lauren Van Note


Age: 16
Profession: Student
Service Booked: Closet Shop, Shopping Session

We started the consultation with a closet visit where Sandi showed me outfits in my closet I had never thought of. She asked me questions to make sure she knew exactly what I liked and didn’t like. When it was shopping day, I was so excited! We went from store to store and I was so pleased with everything she picked out in advance. It was so easy! I came home with so many cute clothes and a smile on my face. Through the entire journey, Sandi was so kind and thoughtful. I knew she took what I wanted into consideration, while also encouraging me to try new styles. She made the whole adventure about me!